Sunday, February 8, 2009

Google Ocean

Well, it has been a little while since I last posted. I have just started teaching three new subjects (of which all are senior school) at a great new school and I am taking a little bit of time to get my head around it all. I am working with a great bunch of very innovative teachers and students who are definitely keeping me on my toes. Great for this blog as I have plenty of new entries.

Despite having my nose to the grindstone, there was no way that I could miss the launch of Google Ocean earlier this week. This is the latest addition to Google Earth and Google Sky and involves the new installation of Google 5.0. It hit the news with gusto, and articles such as 'Google Earth upgrade opens oceans of possibilities' by provide an in-depth overview on what the new application can do.

Basically, in Google Ocean you can dive beneath the surface and visit the deepest parts of the ocean. It also allows you to explore the ocean with marine experts, and learn about ocean observations (including data on climate change and endangered species). Below is the You Tube launch movie, starring Sylvia Earle (Oceanographer). She is also speaking at this years TED conference.

This is once again a great addition to the geography teachers toolbox. Teaching anything from weather to climate change to endangered species to natural hazards involves various images of the oceans. Now this is available Google Earth style. All I can say, is have fun playing, and don't forget to try out the diving application.


  1. I had a quick look at Google Ocean in GE. Not bad but nothing there or real merit yet. There are plenty of links to Nat Geog videos which will be useful in class and I'm sure that this will only get bigger and better so it is good to see. Will be very useful in class one day.

    Good to have you back, you sound busy!