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A Textbook Free VCE Geography - Some Tips

Teaching VCE without a textbook is possible. Unit 3 and 4 was a little more difficult and I did rely on the students purchasing the 'Supplement' to help them get through. However, with the availability of online resources it is not impossible to supplement what you are already doing with excellent links to the internet.

So, what does a textbook give you. A textbook gives you:
  • Content
  • Questions that generally range from knowledge and understanding to analysis and evaluation
  • Diagrams to explain processes
  • Images and maps
  • Extra information on specific topics

Technology will now allow us to teach in this way, as long as you know where to look and how to set up your information so that the students can access it. This workshop will focus on these two areas, with information on Web 2.0 technology, as well as excellent links to sites that will enhance the teaching of geography in the classroom.

1. Providing an Online Resource for your class

Web2.0 technology has provided the ability for teachers to create their own links to specific information. This can be done through the creation of blogs or wikis.


Bec's Classes 2010

Creating an blog is not difficult. The video below shows a step by step instruction on how to create a blog using Edublogs or Global Teacher.

And this shows you how to embed a Youtube video (or any video) into your blog.


Unit Four Geography Climate Change Wiki

The following video provides a step-by-step guide on setting up your first wiki. This video uses wikispaces however there are other options, such as pbwiki.


Slideshare allows you to upload powerpoint or keynote presentations and then embed them into a wiki or blog.


This is a great site that allows you to post and brainstorm information. It is very handy when watching videos or discussing a topic. I used it specifically to diamond rank factors associated with issues.

EdModo - Like Twitter, but can be used in the classroom. Something to consider trialling as you watch a video or discussion in class.

Excellent Links to Provide the Content

Geography Animated - is a geography teacher's internet site with all things Geography. In particular, the site has links to animations on everything that you can think of. Here is just one example on the formation of meanders and ox-bow lakes.

BBC Dimensions - How Big Is It Really?

Scribble Maps

Gapminder - One of my favourite sites for the year. The best tool to compare data on most gobal topics - more than just population and development.

CIA Factbook in Google Earth

Population and Migration - Flight and Expulsion


Australian Natural Resource Atas

The image below can be found by selecting the following link: Infographic - Tallest Mountain Deepest Trench.

Our Amazing Planet explores Earth from its peaks to it mysterious depths.
Source, Exploring the wonder and beauty of planet Earth through exclusive news, features and images.

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