Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A 30 Minute Overview - Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Web 2.0 are tools that allow you to collaborate, share and create online. For educators, not only does it provide for interesting, engaging and collaborative projects in the classroom, it will also save you time in your teaching.

Today I will show you just a small portion of tools that you can use. There are many out there, and once you start looking, some will become invaluable. However, it is important to consider the following before you embark on your Web 2.0 journey.

1. What is the purpose of the activity/lesson/assessment?
2. Will it create an effective learning experiences for the students?
3. How do you know that this has worked?

What Do You Know About Web 2.0?

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Poll Everywhere

This is a tool that allows you to create 'polls' for your classes. You can send through a link to the students or embed it into your blog, wiki or OneNote. Think creatively as to how you can use this tool - a discussion creator, a quiz for revision, a tool for formative assessment at the beginnin and end of a unit...


This is a toy for generating 'word clouds' from text. Many people in this room have already used Wordle before in the classroom. However, its simple application can work beyond a brainstorming tool. Consider the use of Wordle in the drafting process of extended written pieces, so that students can establish if they have addressed the main themes or concepts in their writing. It is also a great tool to show learning from the beginning to the end of a unit of work.


A Web 2.0 tool that allows students to create 'online' posters. Each student will need to sign in, however the education version is free. This is a great tool for single lesson activities, to create chapter summaries or as a smaller assessment task. An example of an interesting Glogster - The Moon.

Web 2.0 Tools That Save You Time


Many of you already use YouTube to find videos and documentaries for your classroom. You can also subscribe to various channels and the most recent videos will be sent to your page. Use TubeChop to cut longer videos to the sections you want, and DragOnTape to create a mixed tape of YouTube videos.


Twitter is not only a place to tell the world about your life. It is a great search engine and tool for professional development. Sign up and 'follow' various news groups and recognised tweeters and information will be sent to you.

RSS Feeds

The RSS Feed is a symbol that appears on most websites, news sources and blogs. You can sign up to a RSS Reader (such as Google Reader) and it will send any articles from these sources to your Reader. In your reader, you can categorise according to topics. This may also be useful for senior students to sign up to.

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