Friday, June 21, 2013

Using ICTs in the Primary Geography Classroom - Adelaide

Today, I will be showing you a range of tools that will be useful when teaching Geography in the Primary classroom. In particular, these Web 2.0 tools will allow for collaboration, investigation and representation of geographical information.

This presentation today will only look at some of these tools. I have presented these as my 'Top 11" using a program called Jux (an online web based content presentation tool). The presentation is embedded below but you can also access it by clicking on this link - My top 11 web2.0 tools in the classroom. All links throughout the presentation are underlined.


  1. Hello Rebecca, is a great game - I like it too.
    Starting from the geoguessr game idea I developed a new Street View game that is online now:

    Please test www.Earth
    Your feedback and questions are welcome.

    Greetings from Hamburg

  2. I'm glad to see that this launch has less rhetoric about "changing the way education works" and is staying on task; better leveraging technology to improve access to great educational experiences. academic journal

  3. Hi Rebecca

    I wasn't sure how to get hold of you so i thought i would try this. I would like to try and make GIS resources freely available for use by schools. If you or anyone interested and reading this could please contact me: